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[ ]: PSV(Part 2)

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

PSV(Part 2)

Lukisan shera, tak laa chanteq sngat!! :)

Aslkm smua,
Mse 2 shira daa jnji sehid0p semati nk kasi tau psal PSV 2 kan!!
Shira daa tau mrkah nyer... :) I'm so excited,juzz want to share my happiness..
I got 48/50 for drawing! Amazing ?! But i got 32/40 for paper 1..
Zakirah n my drawing got same mark!! Same like the past exam ( nk speaking konon )!!
I'm trying 2 speak in ENG coz i'm worst in grammar n language... :(
Until now,my frenz n I don't get BI's paper yet.. I'm really want 2 know my mark 4 BI,
As 4 u know,shira was never got A in BI.. so sad?! Really?
Back 2 the title, Fatih's mark?? She doesn't tell me her mark.. Same with Alia..
She is absent 2 day.. hemm!! Really Really Really mizz them..(alia n fatih)..
But there's a girl who got higher than me in PSV,she ezz ATIE..
She got 49/50.. Woooww!! Haha !!
She can draw better than me,isn't?
Hihi, That all 4 t0day, yeaaa!! I can learn 2 speak in ENG ..
Can u teach me t00?? Thanzz 4 helping..

Like yup.. Comment Jangan Lupe!! Luff k0rang..:)

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