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Sunday, 10 January 2016

2016 ?

Assalamualaikum semua. Blog ni dah berhabuk since 2013. I dunno this entry will be my last entry or not.  I will not write this entry too long. Hahahah. Because i don't really have any  ideas. A few more weeks to go and I will officially turn 18. Me? 18-year-old girl already? In the past few years, I've been through a lot of obstacles. Having problems with everyone around me, struggling with my studies, but those hard times left a lot of memories and taught me about life.

Because of that, I became more stronger and matured day by day. Behind those bitter moments, a piece of sweet memories  was still left behind. Recently, someone gave me a box of sweet words. I was really thankful but I dunno how to express my emotion. Hahahha. So bad. Tbh, I'll not forget you although ' nanti mati kubur masing-masing jugak ' ! Hahaha.

T U N A 

It's not a fish, okay! We've been together facing those challenges for few years. We're always arguing, laughing, and sometimes we had a big fight. But, still we're good friends. I hope they will always remember me. The cutest member in Tuna? I'll always pray for our SPM results. #arghhh, butterflies in my stomach. Adrenal gland, help me please! Can you stop secrete your adrenaline. Hoping for the best. But still Allah is the best planner. =)

I'll end this post here. I'm not sure this will be my last post or not. Btw, happy new year. Make sure you have a plan in your life, so that you will not suffer in future. Hahhaha. #A piece of advice for me.

Byebye~ Assalamualaikum. 

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