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[ ]: Searching 4 the mistakes !!

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Searching 4 the mistakes !!

Aslkm smua ! :)
Hey my little chubby frenzz !  How r u today? Fine?
Hehe...I'm a little bit sick..Dun worry,i'll better so0n..:D
~Trying to speak in ENG~ !!
Before i'm going to continue posting the precious story at the CAMP,
I'll post 1/4 of my essay which is i do it myself at the camp !
I'm proud while writing this essay ! ~Plez tell me if i wrote any mistake in my grammar !~
This's my assignment ! <3

A Trip To Aquaria

I walked with exhausted to my room,223 which is near to a toilet. Five,four,three,two and one! I entered the room and without hesitation,I took off my shoes and lying on my bed. I'm really tired! My legs already hurted because walking all day long. While I'm playing with my mind,I remember back what was going when I go for a field trip at Aquaria,KLCC with my coarse mates,teachers and RA which was organizing(organized) by our coarse, 'Crafting The Essay'. We went there by school bus.

Thanks to God because that morning,there's no rain. We took our breakfast first before go(went)to the trip. As usual,we sat at our own table next to the boy's table.All of us wore the green shirt that were giving(given) by Pusat Permata Pintar Negara. It was one of rules before went there(of the rules that need to follow). Later,our bus which will took(being)us to the Aquaria, arrived at(in) Kolej Keris Mas. Without wasting the time,we boarded the bus and sat on our own seat.

So,if there any mistakes in my essay,plez tell me immediately !
Juz leave ur comment in my bl0g..:)
Thanzz 4 ur kindness..:D
Like yup.. Comment Jangan Lupe!! Luff k0rang..:)

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