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[ ]: BEsT moment ever!

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

BEsT moment ever!

AS salam Smua !
FUHH !! Maren is the greatest moment tau !
Nk tau ape Shira wat smalam ??
Jup ehh ! Shira akn cite! Juz wait n read what i've wrote !

Yesterday was a great day...! I'm felt pity v u coz u can't join us..:P Not my frenz which r had important things 2 do !! Dun worry dear, we can go out next day..:) Juz wait 4 the dAY!
Shira n my little PINK kuar g KFC ! KFC je?? Abez takde tmpt laen nk g.. PIZZA??? MAHAL doo !
Akpe , ite ReDHA je ! 6ti r kite g PIZZA ehh PINK?? :)
Kite order,mkn2 ! Mstila mkn,x kang g nk MEMBUANG pulak ! JK ;)
Then, KIte g Round2 lam The Store..! Haha,kite g tg0k TEddy BEar ! Chanteq,hrge pown Chanteq !
Kering pale gua kalu beli ! :D Duit cukup2 mkn2 je !
Shira tmnakn Si PINK beli pen.. haha ! Wat kenangan.. Shira n dye da jadi GILE sbb tgk brg2 comey lote !
Tp hnya skdr pndg, x ley beli ! HUa HUa ! :'(
Kanan n kiri ! Smua nya ade ANGRY BIRD ! Nseb Shira pown x naek ANGRY..argh !
Takpe,Si PINK kan ade,kite x ANRGY ANGRY laa~
hehe ! Hoby nk wat gane !...:D Smpay sini je lah Shira cite..terlmpau Happy smpay tak terkatE !
As salam ! DAAAAAA...:)

Like yup.. Comment Jangan Lupe!! Luff k0rang..:)

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